2012 is on. The GOP primary may still be in full swing, but Coloradans opposed to four more years of President Obama have already begun their grassroots campaign to unseat him. A number of loyal Peak readers emailed us a collection of photos over the past couple of days of anti-Obama signs popping up across the state.

The mysterious signs appear reminiscent of anti-Ritter posters that sprouted across the state in 2009 — "like weeds" according to Tim Hoover's report at the time.

Signs have appeared from Brighton to Broadway, in a sign that Obama lacks the rock star status he held only four years ago in Colorado (see what we did there?). 

Sporting the slogan "Obama Let Us Down," the signs are clearly homemade and appeal not only to Republicans set on defeating the President's re-election campaign, but to those who voted for him four years ago and are less inclined to repeat that mistake. 

Obama may raise a billion dollars for his re-election campaign, but the combination of opposition and disappointment from past supporters may be a hill too steep to climb.