We've always known liberal special interest group ProgressNow to be massive hypocrites. But in a recent press release-turned-Spot-blog, they really outdid themselves. Hoping to get a hit on Joe Coors Jr before he's even an official candidate for Congress, ProgressNow attacks him for being a "millionaire" and "country club president."

This class warfare garbage was all in the name of defending their liberal lackey Congressman Ed Perlmutter…which is why they should have checked their facts before pressing send. 

Perlmutter also happens to be a millionaire, according to his last financial disclosure form, and a trial lawyer millionaire at that. Pretty sure that brand is far more hated in America than a businessman millionaire, you know, the kind that creates jobs, but we digress…

Secondly, not only is Perlmutter also a country club member, but he belongs to the same country club as Joe Coors Jr. Whoops!

Oh, and by the way, where do you think the money came from to pay the staffers at ProgressNow who did the digging of dirt on Coors?

Billionaires! And billionaires, like Pat Stryker, who inherited her wealth in a trust fund, rather than earn it herself.

Hypocrisy, thy name is ProgressNow.

Note to Kurtis Lee: these three facts would have been helpful for your readers to know.

We knew liberalism was an affliction of the mind that causes many to misunderstand basic economic concepts, but it appears to have caused sudden and selective blindness in ProgressNow as well.

If you want to talk anger at the rich vis-a-vis government, ProgressNow, why don't you hit Perlmutter for supporting TARP? After all, that money pretty much went exclusively to the 1%. 

What about hitting Perlmutter for his crony capitalist vote to enrich "green" banks, of which he and his political donors would stand to benefit, as they have ownership stakes in those banks?

Nah, you couldn't do that. Your millionaire and billionaire, country club belonging donors wouldn't approve.