Senate President Brandon Shaffer has finally apologized for his remark comparing his political opposition to people who blame rape victims for the crimes perpetrated against them. It only took him five days.

On a Facebook page set up to demand Shaffer apologize for his stupidity, Florence Sebern posted an email exchange between her and Shaffer, though Shaffer didn't take the time to get her name right in his apology. 

From the email chain:

Senator Shaffer,

Thank you for the response and I accept your apology. A public one would be very effective since the statement was issued publicly.

Two minor points: my email did not communicate my feelings. It communicated objective facts. Also, the name is SEBERN, not Steuben.


Florence Sebern

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 1:08 PM, Brandon Shaffer wrote:  

Ms. Steuben,  

I apologize. You're right. My analogy was insensitive and in poor taste. I truly regret saying it.  

Thank you for contacting me and sharing your feelings with me. Again, I am sorry.  

From: Florence Sebern
Date: Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 8:24 AM
Subject: really?
To: [email protected]  

"What I thought when I read your piece — it's a little bit like blaming the woman or saying to a woman she deserved it," he said, apparently referencing victims of rape or sexual harassment.

There is nothing in politics that even comes close to being a victim of sexual assault, Senator.  

You've made a huge mistake. Man up and apologize. Now.  
Florence Sebern

For someone who is attempting to get a promotion from the people of Colorado from Senate President to Congressman, Shaffer sure isn't doing himself any favors. 

We'll update this post if and when he makes a public apology, as Ms. Sebern asked Senator Shaffer to do in her follow up email.