Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper believes government doesn't create jobs and excessive regulation prevents strong economic growth. So does Republican Speaker of the House Frank McNulty. But Democrat Senate President Brandon Shaffer rejects that argument, leading to a stark disagreement between the two highest ranking Democrats in the state legislative process.

In Governor Hickenlooper's State of the State speech yesterday he said "We know that the core business of government is not to create private sector jobs – entrepreneurs do that."

Highlighting the need to reduce regulation to spur private investment Hickenlooper added "We need to make government work better. Part of that means making government efficient, effective and of course elegant." That in turn, he said would "help nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses, hire the next worker."

According to The Coloradoan Shaffer rejects the "argument that government can’t create jobs and that business regulations are preventing economic gains."

The first bill introduced in the state Senate by Democrats is a bill that makes it government's business to create jobs by creating a protectionist scheme for state contractors by giving them preference over lower cost bids. The bill would set up additional regulatory hoops for businesses to jump through to get the preference in state contract bids, as the businesses would have to prove to the government that they met all the criteria. 

That means the Senate Democrats' first bill is one that uses government and additional regulations to create jobs, something opposed in its basic premise by the Democrat Governor.

To us, this is a big story missed by the media in covering the opening day speeches and early introductions of bills. 

During last year's budget debate, when Governor Hickenlooper proposed cuts in line with Speaker McNulty's goals, Shaffer held a press conference to denounce Hickenlooper's budget. 

Will we see another press conference from Shaffer soon denouncing Hickenlooper's statement on the role of government in creating jobs and his effort to reduce job-killing regulation on businesses?