We've noticed something over the past couple of weeks and months. Democrats have all been using the same phrase to describe their economic plans, saying they will have a "laser" or "laser-like" focus on job creation. This talking point, more Dr. Evil than Frank Luntz, strikes us as ridiculous, especially when repeated ad nauseum by every Democrat in front of a reporter or video camera. 

It also strikes us as a bush league effort to replicate national Democrats' failed efforts last summer at convincing the public they were focused on jobs…just by saying so, over and over again. Not by doing anything to help the private sector create jobs, mind you, just saying they are repeatedly. 

WhoSaidYouSaid's Kelly Maher put together a brief video of the current and former state House Minority Leaders employing Colorado Democrats' new buzzword:

It appears the lame term was first tossed out in Colorado by Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz back in July 2011 in a press conference with Colorado Democrat Chairman Rick Palacio.

DWS, as the Chairwoman is informally known, isn't exactly a messenger to replicate. Just last week she tried to blame the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by a non-political schizophrenic on the "tone" of the Tea Party. 

Taking the lead from a tone-deaf buffoon like DWS isn't generally advisable, but follow Colorado Democrats did.

House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino said at a Jan. 10 press conference "it is not just words when Democrats say we have a laser-like focus on job creation in Colorado.”

Well, it sure seems like Democrats like to repeat one word in particular. 

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

July 22, press conference with CO Dem Chair Rick Palacio, Reuters: "What the country and the Hispanic community need is the continued leadership of President Obama, who is focused like a laser on creating jobs and moving our country forward."

Joe Miklosi

Nov. 14, Colorado Statesman: “This campaign was never about the lines, this campaign has always been about creating jobs, and I truly believe that to most, if not all voters in Colorado, that’s the No. 1 concern that they have, and that’s the laser focus of my campaign,” Miklosi told The Colorado Statesman on Friday.

Nov. 15 press release, PRlog.org: “I’m grateful for the solid support of my colleagues in the State House,” said Representative Miklosi. “Our campaign is laser-focused on getting the U.S. economy on the fast-track to recovery.

Nov. 22nd, Denver Westword: "My campaign was never about the congressional district lines," he stresses. "It was about job growth and making Colorado the renewable-energy capital of the country. That's been my laser focus."

Dec. 16, Colorado Statesman: Asked to comment on the prospects of a primary challenge, Miklosi campaign spokesman Dan Mahoney responded with the following prepared statement: “Our campaign is focused like a laser on getting our economy on the fast-track to recovery and job creation.

Mark Ferrandino

January newsletter: "Our legislative agenda this year is laser-focused on getting Colorado’s economy back on track and putting people back to work."

Jan 9, Denver Post: "This session, House Democrats will have a laserlike focus on firing up this economy and creating good jobs," Ferrandino said.

Jan. 9 press conference, Denver Business Journal: House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, still said at a news conference Monday that his caucus plans to “have a laser-like focus on job creation this session.”

Jan. 10 press conference, Denver Post: “It is not just words when Democrats say we have a laser-like focus on job creation in Colorado.”

Jan. 11 opening day speech, Colorado Statesman: “This session, House Democrats will have a laser-like focus on job creation. Thank you.”

Sal Pace

Jan 5, interview, WhoSaidYouSaid: "That means we have to all be laser focused on, uh, turning this economy around."

Jan 5, interview, WhoSaidYouSaid: "We have to have a, uh, laser focus on protecting small businesses and entrepreneurs."