Sure, our Congressional leaders overly utilize their franking privileges, costing Americans millions of dollars per year. Here in Colorado, one of the most flagrant abusers is none other than Congressman Ed Perlmutter. He's consistently flagged for sending the most "official" mail at taxpayers expense.

But, according to his latest mail piece, he's getting some help. Recently, voters in the north suburbs received high-gloss campaign franked mailers telling them to attend a meeting to "Reignite the American Dream." The meeting is a joint confab officially sent by Congressman Jared Polis, possibly to help conceal Perlmutter's excessive franking.

This also serves as an introduction of Perlmutter to his new voters in the re-drawn district. After this November's election, Polis and his congressional district will no longer represent Adams County, but Perlmutter's district will expand in Adams.

Now this particular piece is not only a waste of taxpayer money, it blatantly campaigns for Perlmutter without saying vote for Ed. As he campaigns about reigning in government spending, ask Ed what he's doing back home to set an example.