Brandon Shaffer is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad start to 2012. After being forced to apologize for comparing himself to a rape victim, and having his CD6 dreams leaked to The Denver Post, Shaffer reported an abysmal $112k total for the fourth quarter of 2011. 

His current CD4 opponent, incumbent Congressman Cory Gardner, fared far better. Despite having a new baby during the period, Gardner still managed to nearly double Shaffer's haul, according to a source close to his campaign. Gardner is expected to report raising over $200,000 in the fourth quarter.  

That is just embarrassing for Shaffer. After being the top Congressional challenger fundraiser in the third quarter, at a paltry $179k, Shaffer's campaign cash has plummeted, just as we predicted

With Shaffer staying on as Senate President, offering up lame campaign gimmicks in lieu of real legislation, while still trying to run for Congress, we have a suggestion for the Senator: Pick one thing to fail at