In the latest InnerView in the Colorado Statesman, Senate President Brandon Shaffer calls Colorado Peak Politics liars…and then proves himself to be one. In the interview, definitely worth a read, Shaffer claims that the Peak "fabricates" everything we write about him, including his looking at switching to CD6. Three days after he threw out that accusation, The Denver Post reported he was polling in CD6. 

Thank you to the Colorado Statesman for making it abundantly clear that Brandon Shaffer is a liar, and a bad one at that.

Key 'graph (you can read more about Shaffer's thoughts on the Peak from the interview after the jump): 

Asked by The Statesman whether he had considered switching his campaign from the 4th District to the more competitive 6th District — the rumor was first reported a month ago by the conservative political blog Colorado Peak Politics, about which Shaffer said, “especially when they were talking about me, the stories that they were writing were pure fabrication” — Shaffer answered, “You know, just focus on the 4th.” Three days after Shaffer sat for the Statesman interview, The Denver Post reported that Shaffer was polling in the 6th District and weighing a run there against U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora.


The state's longest running political weekly delivers a body blow to the state's highest ranking Democrat in his attempt to malign a blog. If he can't effectively derail our criticism, how in the hell will he deal with an actual political opponent?

No wonder Democrats screwed him in redistricting.

So, Brandon…everything we write about you is "pure fabrication"?

Are we magical conjurers of your attempt to jump Congressional races?

Did we fabricate you comparing yourself to a rape victim?

If so, then why did you call your analogy "insensitive and in poor taste"? We don't know politicians to apologize for things fabricated by blogs.

Did we fabricate Cory Gardner spanking you in fundraising, quarter after quarter?

Did we fabricate your campaign fundraising email that violates a Department of Defense directive about using your Navy photo for political gain? 

No, we didn't fabricate those things. We cited the source material — either mainstream media reports or your actual emails — and caught you making a fool of yourself.  

Brandon…let us offer you a bit of political advice (as it appears Craig Hughes isn't providing you with anything valuable in that department): When you want to rebut an attack that has its basis in your own words and actions you can't just call it a lie. You look like a fool because your criticism is empirically and undeniably not true. We aren't going to advise you how to respond, but we at least suggest to you that your current strategy is just not working. 

As we've said many a time on these pages…Brandon Shaffer, you are an embarrassment.  

P.S. 1+1 does not equal 3. No wonder you think you'd be a good fit in Congress. 

CS: Do you pay much attention to the political blogs?
BS: I try not to (laughs).

CS: There’s one in particular, a very conservative one, has kind of been on your case — the Colorado Peak Politics blog — can you ignore that kind of stuff?
BS: I try very hard to ignore it.

CS: Do you read it, though? Does your staff bring that stuff to your attention now and then?
BS: No. You know, I read it for a while. What I’ve found is there’s nothing — I have not seen anything that’s true. Sometimes you read Colorado Pols and, I mean, whatever the spin is on it, there’s a foundation of truth in what they’re saying. You look at the blog, The Spot (The Denver Post’s politics blog), there’s a true thing —

 CS: There are reporters writing that —
BS: I read, I was following Peak Politics for a while, but what I’d find is, especially when they were talking about me, the stories that they were writing were pure fabrication. And I got to a point where I decided that there’s no value there. So instead of getting sucked into that and letting that increase my blood pressure, it’d be healthier just to ignore it. People are going to say what they’re going to say. For me, I know as long as I’m being honest with myself and honest with people that I deal with, that’s the very best I can do.

 CS: Is it hard when people are critical?
BS: Yeah, yeah. I mean, look, I’ve been successful in school, I’ve been successful in the Navy, I was a successful lawyer, I think I’m a very successful legislator And it’s difficult when people, for other reasons, try to tarnish the track record.

CS: The blogs and social media and so forth really are part of the campaign landscape in a way that they weren’t, even, for instance, when first ran for office. Is that something that you need to keep aware of so that you can respond to, or do you have a campaign staffer checking Peak Politics now and then just in case there’s something to rebut?
BS: The first question is, is it something you need to be aware of? The answer is yes. I think the second question is —  

CS: — should you just ignore it?
BS: Should you allow that media — that medium to dictate to you your behavior actions? And I think the answer is no. You know, I think that at the end of the day the personal interaction will be much more influential to the outcome of the race. And, as long as I’m knocking on doors and meeting people, that’s the very most important thing that the campaign can do.

CS: But on like social media, you know not just one blog that seems to have it out for you —
BS: (Laughs.)

CS: — but everything else too — are you an avid Twitter user? Is that a way to keep in touch with folks?
BS: Yeah, I tweet. Ever since the new year, I’ve kind of slowed down a little bit.