There is nothing so much in this world that drives politicos and media types to a greater degree of excitement than a siren on the Drudge Report. The most influential site in American politics drives more news traffic than Facebook and Twitter, combined. Today, conservative advocacy group Compass Colorado, utilizing the eyeballs and attention drawn to Drudge, dropped ads on the coveted top of the page, hitting Barack Obama on his abysmal economic record and seeking to build an effective online grassroots army.

We first reported news of Compass Colorado's online ad blitz on Obama on Tuesday, and over the course of the week the ads have been hitting Colorado newspapers from The Denver Post's The Spot blog to the Pueblo Chieftain and the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

A particularly well-timed ad appeared right above a story on The Spot about Obama making another taxpayer funded campaign trip to Colorado after the State of the Union address. 

But none of that compares to the raw online power to be harnessed by engaging Drudge's audience — an audience that produced almost TEN BILLION page views in 2011. Not to mention that Drudge virtually dictates what the media cares about and networks cover. 

As we said on Tuesday, the digital battle of 2012 has begun. And conservatives are playing for keeps. 

(Photos courtesy of Compass Colorado's Facebook page)