Zach Edwards, who worked on then Senator Obama's campaign for the White House in 2007-08 was arrested Friday, charged with trying to use the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz and/or the SOS brother Thomas.  Allegedly Edwards was trying to use their emails to create false evidence of ethics violations.  Edwards arrest report is at the Iowa Department of Public Safety here.  

Edwards was employed at LINK Strategies, a Democratic lobbying, campaign, opposition research, and public relations firm who fired him after he got caught his arrest. His involvment with the Obama campaign can be found on the (now erased) bio on the firms site.  To whit:

After a stint as a part-time political blogger and local democratic volunteer, he joined the Obama campaign in early 2007 as an intern organizing North-West Las Vegas. In September 2007, Zach joined the Obama New Media department as co-director of the Nevada New Media team and then moved on to direct New Media operations in five other primary states (New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, and South Dakota).

During the 2008 General Election, Zach was the Iowa Director of New Media. In this capacity, he worked closely with communications, research and field operations to provide cutting-edge organizing tools and new media-based opposition research; which was emulated in battleground states across the country.

This is not a low level, coffee getting flunky, Edwards was a vital part of the Obama campaign.

LINK Strategies founder and president, Jeff Link, is a former Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Senator Tom Harkin as well as working on John Edwards and Barack Obama's presidential campaigns. You really don’t get much more connected to the top of the Democratic Party than this guy.  Of course he says that Edwards actions had nothing to do with his work.

You can find more details at the Iowa Grounds website.

You have to wonder what other Republican Secretary’s of State are being lined up for this kind of treatment.

Hat Tip to Instapundit where I first heard about this.