Dan "The Bikes Are Coming!" Maes, everyone's "favorite" failed former Gubernatorial disaster, is proving his book selling prowess is on par with his fundraising capabilities. In his latest email screed, the Amaesing One admits something that probably won't help book sales — he had to promise bookstores they can send back his books that don't sell (read: all) without any cost to the bookstores.

In other news about books by authors no one cares about, state Senator Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora) has a book out. A quick summary from the new (must-follow) Twitter account of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel's Charles Ashby:

Sen. Carroll has a new book: Take Back Your Govmt." I imagine the first "how to" tip is: elect Dems. Who's surprised?

But back to one of our favorite whipping boys. We first brought news of Maes attempting to write a book back in June, soon after he finished clearing house of any liberty group supporters who still may not have loathed his existence.

We promised then that we would update our readers on the success of his literary adventure.

From Maes' latest ramblings:

I want to close with a quick note about my book Running Without Cowboy Boots. Last weekend I enjoyed my first book signing with true patriots at Hastings Entertainment in Grand Junction. Some stayed the whole 2 hours to keep me company. Thank you! My publisher and I agreed to insure [SIC] book stores "returnability" this past month. This is a policy required by most stores before they stock the book. It insures [SIC] them that they can eliminate any liability by being able to return any unpurchased books and makes them more willing to buy copies of the book. I hope this will aide [SIC] in getting more copies out to retail locations near you!

To us, this is a new strategy in book sales PR. Usually authors like to tell their prospective audience that things are going well, not that book stores fear not being able to move a single product.

Then again, anyone who witnessed the slow death of his campaign for worst major party candidate in America would not be surprised by this stellar messaging.