With the legislative session in full swing, and the #COleg Twitter hashtag back in business, we thought it would be a good time to reprise our popular 7 Twitter accounts worth following post. In the last year, some Twitter holdouts have signed up for the short message system, while some others have stepped up their game considerably.

Most politicians' Twitter accounts are, predictably, boring. Senator Brophy (@SenatorBrophy) is the exception, not the rule. We highly doubt there will be any Anthony Weiner-esque crotch shot tweets emanating from the Capitol this year — but we follow legislators' accounts just in case. 

For those looking for real-time updates and analysis on the Colorado Legislature and its political occupants, we suggest the following eight accounts. 

1. Charles Ashby (@OldNewsMan): Certain to make the hashtag #getoffmylawn trend this session, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel's political scribe has finally joined the 140-character brigade. Already he has snarkily summed up Morgan Carroll's poor excuse for a book, made some off-color jokes and repeatedly suggested an immediate need for nicotine. Follow Ashby and watch an old school print reporter attempt to navigate the new fangled Twitter-filled world. 

2. Missing Pundit (@MissingPundit): A fellow anonymous web presence, Missing Pundit may be on the wrong side of the divide politically, but his/her misinformation is at least funny. There have been a painful slew of fake accounts attempting to replicate Missing Pundit, we're looking at you @ColPhacts, but they're all redheaded stepchildren compared to the original. 

3. John Schroyer (@Johnschroyer): Perhaps best known for his minute-by-minute coverage of the Doug Bruce trial, the Colorado Springs Gazette's political reporter can be counted on to bring live coverage of colorful gatherings and the latest in El Paso campaign news. He also is likely to respond to questions and comments via tweet, making him one of the more accessible and technologically savvy journalists in Colorado politics. 

4. Peter Marcus (@mediamarcus): Reporter for the Colorado Statesman, and previously the now-defunct Denver Daily News, Marcus covers conservatives fairly — a trait worth valuing. Like Lynn Bartels, his feed is also full of snark and sarcasm poking fun at weak political rhetoric and gamesmanship. 

5-6. Kristen Wyatt (@APkristenwyatt) & Ivan Moreno (@IvanJournalist): The AP's Colorado political team splits coverage at the Capitol. To get a sense of what the rest of the country is hearing about Colorado politics, follow these two. For news junkies, you can also read early versions of their pieces, so you can see how they develop over time. 

7-8. Joe Miklosi (@JoeMiklosi4CD6) & Brandon Shaffer (@Shaffer4CO): Both of these Congressional campaigns blocked the Peak from following their Twitter feeds. Let us know if they say anything stupid. Or raise any real money. 


You can read our post on 7 Twitter accounts worth following from last year here.