UPDATE: Thanks to Bartels for the hat tip:

Pace was excused Tuesday and will be gone again today. (A hat tip to Colorado Peak Politics for pointing out Pace was at the speech.)


Lynn Bartels is on a roll…reporting on Peak scoops. Today, she busts state Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination) for ditching the Legislature for two days to go to DC for his Congressional campaign. We first reported on Twitter last night that Pace was spotted at the State of the Union speech in DC, after missing his day job at the Legislature yesterday and today.

Yes, that's right. The politician asking for a promotion to Congress can't even be bothered to show up for his current day job funded by the taxpayers of Colorado. 

As Bartels reported, Pace will miss two days of work representing the people of Pueblo in the State Legislature to spend two days representing his own Congressional ambitions in Washington, DC. While Pace spends his time begging for checks from lobbyists and special interest union PACs, the good people of HD46 will lack a voice at the Capitol. 

This is not a good story for Pace. After Nancy Pelosi's Super PAC released a poll in CD3 done by Democrat polling firm PPP, who has a track record of way oversampling Democrats in Colorado, showing Tipton beating Pace by 7, the last thing Pace needs is a story about how he's more concerned with his own political ambitions than representing his district at the Capitol. 

If Nancy Pelosi can't cook up a poll with Pace ahead, then he's in bigger trouble than we thought.

So we suggest Pace enjoy his time in DC, as it's likely he will never be more than a tourist in that town.