You have to give them credit. It must have taken all the strength Democrats could muster to keep a straight face while complaining about the GOP holding a press conference in the Capitol on the same day President Obama comes to town to campaign on taxpayer's dime. We hope they realize their own hypocrisy. The brief GOP event was in response to the President's multiple day campaign swing, after all. 

Dems didn't complain when one of their own, state Senator Rollie Heath (D-Boulder), held multiple events at the Capitol during his quixotic bid to raise taxes by $3 billion through Prop 103. Heck, most Democrats wouldn't even go on the record with their position on the issue, let alone denounce Heath for hosting political events at the Capitol.

The Dems even had the gall to complain about the House being recessed briefly for Representatives Szabo and Ramirez to attend the press conference. 

We'd love to hear what state Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination) thinks about all this, but unfortunately he wasn't available for comment — because he's now missed his second full day of work at the Legislature to raise money from lobbyists in DC. Did Colorado Democrat Chairman Rick Palacio forget that when he whined to reporters?

Obama returns to Colorado today for his third campaign trip in the past few months, stopping at Buckley Air Force Base to talk about energy — but not Solyndra or the Keystone XL pipeline. He wants to talk about what poll tested well, not what his administration has actually done. 

He's here because Colorado is a swing state, and he's spending multiple days going around the country to swing states to campaign while there is plenty to be done back in Washington.

If any conversation should take place about inappropriate use of taxpayer time to engage in politics, we'd think a multiple-day campaign swing would vastly overshadow a brief press conference at the Colorado Capitol. 

But that's not what the marching orders from Nancy Pelosi to Rick Palacio said.