It's becoming a trend now. After state Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination) ditched his taxpayer funded day job at the Legislature to go to Obama's State of the Union, yesterday three more Democrat state Reps missed votes at the Capitol to attend the Obama campaign event at Buckley Air Force Base.

State Representatives Todd, Williams and Ryden were all missing for committee votes yesterday, including important bills for Todd and Williams.

In case of unintended irony, Representative Nancy Todd (D-Aurora) missed a vote on designating 9/11 as Patriot Day to spend the afternoon at a political event at a military base. 

Representative Angela Williams (D-Aurora) missed votes on a bill to help cottage industry food producers, the so-called "Cake Bill", and a bill to keep business regulations the same for businesses throughout the application process, known as the CLEAR Act. 

Representative Su Ryden (D-Aurora) missed a vote on a technical bill.

The great irony of this entire situation is Democrats spent yesterday morning whining to reporters about Republicans holding a press conference at the Capitol to respond to Obama's taxpayer funded campaign trip. Not only was the titular head of their party here on the taxpayer's dime, but their own state legislators couldn't be bothered to even show up for votes — you know…the job they were elected to do.  

Will this be a regular occurrence over the legislative session? Will Democrats ditch their day jobs at the Capitol every time Obama makes a campaign speech in Colorado? If they're just going to be props in a political campaign, maybe Obama's re-elect should be paying their salaries, not the taxpayers of Colorado. 

(Nancy Todd Photo Credit: Colorado News Agency)