After watching while virtually half of the Colorado Legislature threw their names into contention for CD6, current CD6 candidate state Rep. Joe Miklosi (D-Denver) is not standing by idly any more. This morning, Miklosi's attack dog consultant, Steve Welchert, struck back at one of those names being floated, that of Senate President Brandon Shaffer. Welchert told The Denver Post's Kurtis Lee that Shaffer is "too honorable of a man" to switch to CD6 from his current race in CD4 and that Shaffer wouldn't be so mean as to make his wife and kids move houses.


That seems a tad over the line to us. Lee reports Welchert as saying that Shaffer is "not the kind of person to make his kids and wife leave their home and move to the CD 6 for his own political expediency. He’s too honorable of a man.”

This strikes as both deeply personal and hypocritical at the same time. Miklosi told the AP back in July that he planned on moving into CD6 once the lines were drawn. The only difference between Miklosi and Shaffer is that Shaffer has kids. So Welchert is saying that it's okay for Miklosi to move his home to CD6 for political expediency, but not for Shaffer because Shaffer has kids.

And we thought the GOP took the cake for the nastiest primaries.