There is no magical formula to winning elections. But money, endorsements and campaign stops do matter. More of everything is generally better, but with three states voting today, candidates had to pick and choose where to park their hard earned donors dollars and campaign plane.

Here's a look at where the four Presidential candidates stand in the stats in this state on the day of the Colorado caucuses.  

Just as he did in Iowa, Santorum tops the field in sweat equity expended, with 11 campaign stops in Colorado. Romney wins the endorsement race, with every statewide official and 16 state legislators signing on. Gingrich has largely ceded the race in Colorado, and Ron Paul remains the only candidate with actual campaign digs with an office in Denver.

Latest Polling (only poll done in 2012, full results here)

Romney: 37%

Santorum: 27%

Gingrich: 21%

Paul: 13%

Campaign Events

Rick Santorum: 11

Mitt Romney: 4 

Ron Paul: 3 

Newt Gingrich: 2 

Biggest Turnout At Campaign Rally

Romney: 3,000 (Centennial)

Paul: 1,200 (Fort Collins)

Santorum: 1000+ (Colorado Springs )

Gingrich: 250 (Golden

State Legislator Endorsements

Romney: 16 (full endorsement list)

Santorum: 2 (full endorsement list)

Gingrich, Paul: 0 

TV Ads 

Santorum: 1 (view here

Romney, Gingrich, Paul: 0 

Campaign Offices

Paul: 1 (in Denver)

Romney, Santorum, Gingrich: 0

Political Directors From Colorado

Romney (Rich Beeson), Santorum (Andrew Boucher), Michele Bachmann (Guy Short), Barack Obama (Katherine Archuleta)

Notable Non-Endorsers

Congressman Cory Gardner, Congressman Scott Tipton, Senator Shawn Mitchell, Senator Greg Brophy, Weld County DA & former US Senate candidate Ken Buck, Minority Leader Bill Cadman

Candidates Who Competed In The Caucus 4 Year Ago

Romney (60% in '08), Paul (8.4% in '08)