UPDATE: Results are starting to roll in. Check them out here

State GOP Chairman Ryan Call has predicted a strong turnout for Republicans in the Colorado precinct caucuses, perhaps even surpassing 2008's turnout of 70,000. Based on pre-registration numbers obtained by Colorado Peak Politics, that forecast is looking increasingly likely.

As of 2 pm today, 45,170 Republican voters have pre-registered to attend tonight's caucuses.

Additionally, 21,175 Republican voters have checked their caucus location, which may have changed due to redistricting, on the state GOP's caucus locator website.

To find out your caucus location tonight, click here.

You can see live results as they come in here.

Results are expected to start coming in around 7:30 pm.

With Colorado Republicans amped up to defeat Obama in 2012, the energy and excitement is firmly on the conservative side of the political divide. 

A strong turnout tonight will be a boon to the eventual nominee and to Chairman Call himself, as tonight is his first big test atop the state party.

The Nevada and Iowa Republican parties made utter fools of themselves on the national stage, with the Iowa GOP reversing the winner two weeks after the fact and the Nevada GOP taking days to count the results. 

We hope to see the Colorado GOP reverse that embarrassing trend.

The state GOP is already whooping the Democrats in financial management, with the GOP holding $159,422 in cash on hand to the Democrats' measly $24,887.

Let's hope the state party can bring their organizational chops to bear on vote counting to the same degree they have on fundraising.