I can pay a company to send out a robocall that tells voters Election Day is changed to a day later, when that’s not actually true. I can also pay someone to beat up my annoying neighbor. But just one of these morally reprehensible behaviors is illegal in Colorado.

I bet many of my friends are tired of hearing me talk about how important voting is, especially those friends who think this country is beyond repair. Voting is pointless, they say.

Blood has literally been shed and an untold number of lives have been lost to protect our right to vote. We’re still in a free society. It may be broken, but we still have the democratic infrastructure we need to overcome our problems together. Voting is one of those ways.

Right now, there is a bill in the Colorado Senate that would make it illegal to deceive voters about the time, place and manner of an election and our status as registered voters. This bill is something that could become law if enough Coloradans say they want it so. It’s our chance to leave a legacy of fairness in voting.

Sign the petition for Fairness in Voting: http://www.commoncause.org/CO/FairnessInVoting

Let’s make the men and women who have worked to forge, protect and expand our voting rights proud by leaving a legacy of equal access and opportunity.

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