State Rep and CD3 Congressional candidate Sal Pace (D-Urination) lost control of himself last week, again. Readers of this site are well aware of Pace's struggles with controlling basic bodily functions, but last week it wasn't his bladder, but his temper. In attempting to argue for half a million dollars to create an unnecessary parking lot in his district, Pace lost control and started shouting at his opponents from the state House floor.

WhoSaidYouSaid has the video here. Pace's temper starts to flare at 1:43:

As Representative Gerou (R-Evergreen) helpfully points out before Pace loses his mind, the building Pace is hopping mad to see razed into a parking lot isn't even on the list of local priorities for the next five years, according to the state architect.

Rep. Gerou might know something about building management, considering she is an award winning architect herself. 

You see, Pace is getting all riled up because the State Fair people wanted the extra parking space and the same State Fair bigwigs can be very helpful to Pace's other day job, running for Congress in the the 3rd CD.

Now razing a building to create a parking lot isn't going to create a whole lot of jobs, but it will help Pace cozy up to some wealthy patrons for his next potential job.

In then end, though, it won’t matter how many political patrons he does favors for if he can’t control himself in public. Because speeches like this end up looking really bad in opposition attack ads.