Many, from all sides, cry out for compromise at all levels in our politics. Excuse me, but I thought the issue was good vs. evil. In a county, State and republic where people are suffering because of government policies, it is the duty of good people to speak out. Half of solving any problem is in the recognition of the true nature of that problem. More than that, before a decision is made to either support the continuation of existing action or to take new action, we need to consider whether or not the action is moral, and even if it is, whether or not the body taking the action has both the authority and the mandate to do so. Then and only then should we consider whether or not we can afford it. According to the powers that be, that latter should be our only consideration. They ask us to simply take them at their word that they have our best interest at heart. I say that because they support the secular humanist position.

Throughout our history, people with good intentions have debated these issues. I believe that our present problems mainly stem from one root cause. Too many times in our debates, the will of the majority has triumphed over both the truth and moral rectitude.

I'd bet that if you polled all Democrat supporters, one of the top, if not the top reason they support the Democrats is, “Because they support democracy!” Today, sadly, that's the truth. Believe it or not, that's not a good thing. In the days of JFK, most Democrats still supported our republic. Most Americans don't realize that we are supposed to, and still do live in a republic, not a democracy. As far as having small “r” republican principles, it's much diminished, and it's being steadily erroded into a national democracy, but for the present, it is still a republic. Most people, due to a failing in our American educational system, don't know the difference between a republic and a democracy.  Article IV, Section 4. of the U.S. Constitution starts out, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, …” The difference between a republic and a democracy is spelled out in the Federalist Papers, but here's the Cliff's Notes version of the difference and why a republic is better:

Good intentions aren't enough. The worst things have been done by people with the best of intentions. The Spanish Inquisition is a huge example, but for sheer numbers and the toatal amount of human suffering caused, our own failed prohibition experiment tops it. In the long run, our Federal Dept. of Education may be the worst offender, if we allow it to destroy our republic. To have good fruits, action must be based on good principles. Majorities in States gave us Jim Crow laws, and wanted to extend the practice of slavery, prior to that. That, my fellow citizen and voter, is what democracy looks like.

“He wants to take away the power of the people! He wants us to be ruled by a power elite!” – I can hear the cries now. No, my fellow citizen and voter, I want you to keep your power. If you continue to follow those currently and lately in power, I fear that you'll lose it.

In a republic, the rule of law is supposed to restrain the majority from trampling on the rights of the minority. That's the only way that you can guarantee fair elections, for one thing. Our problem has always been, for that to work, you have to really follow the law, and only a good and moral people will want to do that. I do believe in the essential bedrock character of the American people, but I believe as Winston Churchill did, that “The American people can always be counted on to do the right thing, after exhausting every other possibility.” We don't need a power elite to rule us, we need good men to tell us when and why we're wrong.

It took us a long time to get rid of slavery. It took us a long time to reign in bigots and get the Jim Crow laws off the books. How long will we listen to those who are trying to convince us that politicians of the character we're likely to have for the forseeable future have the answers, and can be trusted to make America a “fairer” place by using socialist ideas that are directly opposed to the Christian ideals enshrined into our Constituion? How long until we wake up, and make a push to get back to the ideals contained in the book that we all but demand our chief executive take his oath of office on?

The Bible says, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and to God that which is God's.” According to my reading of the Constitution, “Caesar” needs taxes for defense, and not much else. Almost everything else should be up to the States, in this “United States” of America. What we're really up against is those who want to change it into “The People's Republic of America”. God, please don't let them!

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” — Thomas Jefferson