Despite Allison Sherry's attempt to push the Democrats' campaign finance talking points, her article today, “Colorado's Swing-State Status Gives Rise to Super-PAC Attack” rings hollow in Colorado. To somehow insinuate that large corporate, union or individual donors have been limited in their campaign spending is laughable.

This idea that President Obama and the Democrats are “aghast” at the Citizens United decision smacks of hypocrisy. Especially in Colorado, Sherry should know that local Democrats have consolidated enormous sums of money into victories for their candidates. Between the unions, Tim Gill, Pat Stryker and the trial lawyers, none of these persons or entities have been limited in their spending in Colorado.

Sherry insinuates that the Citizens United decision is a boon to Republicans and the Democrats have no choice but to “…[reverse] a long-held disdain for this kind of politics.” This is total bunk and continues a long stretch of Sherry reiterating the Left's talking points.

The fact is the Democrats and their liberal allies have been successfully using 527 committees, 501(c)3's, and 501(c)4's to attack Republicans and elect Democrats for years, even before the Citizens United decision. But somehow Sherry, a news reporter, states as fact that “…the new environment so heavily favors Republicans right now.” How can it favor Republicans when the Left has already been doing this for years?

She also continues to show her left-leaning stripes when she reiterates the liberal talking point about the Citizens United ruling that, “…opened the floodgates for unlimited outside spending in 2010.” All you have to do is look at the 527s operating in Colorado and see how much more money the Left has than the Right. Coloradans are also accustomed to the hidden donors and attacks on Republicans from 501(c)3's and (c)4's like Ethics Watch, Progress Now and America Votes.

Unfortunately, these facts are for real reporters to uncover, not the Democrat's spokeswoman Allison Sherry.