You have got to love it when the niceties of politics get put aside and the true passions of lawmakers are laid out in plain terms for the audience tuned in at home to see.  

Such was the case yesterday, when the capitol's most pugnacious right wing pitbull, Ted Harvey (R-Promised Land), threw the absolute smack down on John Morse (D-Reimbursement) after the Majority Leader suggested that Harvey and Republicans didn't much care for the little guy.  

The AP‘s Ivan Moreno sets it up nicely:

A debate over whether to ban Colorado employers from using credit reports against job applicants became feisty Tuesday when Senate Democratic Leader John Morse said Republicans are trying to protect corporations while Democrats want to protect "the little guy."

Republican Sen. Greg Brophy immediately yelled, "Don't impugn motive!"  

Republican Sen. Ted Harvey backed up the anger…

As Rush Limbaugh would say, Mr. Snerdly roll the tape…

After watching Harvey in action, it occurs to us that Republicans should always meet progressive noise about "standing up for the little guy" with such force.  

Who are you kidding Senator Morse? Yours is the party of Gill, Stryker, Soros and Ivory Tower environmentalism.  Your majority is owed almost entirely to the big checks of a fat walleted few.    

Little guys, Mr. Morse?  Spit.    

Harvey's hammering repudiation of Morse, and the positive news coverage it drew, should be a gentle nudge to the GOP as we head into a critical election — meet fire with fire.  As that pugnacious state Senator from the promised land of Douglas County showed, the best way to take down liberals' self indulgent "little man" baloney is to call it what it is — an embarrassment.

(Correction: An earlier version of this post attributed the article on the spat to the Colorado Springs Gazette’s John Schroyer. It was written by the AP’s Ivan Moreno.)