A few weeks ago, in the span of about 24 hours we at Colorado Peak Politics received a quarter million new visitors. While not sharing any of our top secret, eyes only traffic data, we'll just say that was a substantial increase in our normal visitor flow. How did it happen? The awesome power of the Drudge Report. 

The virtual flash mob of new visitors came to read the story we broke about how the liberal activist who attacked Mitt Romney in Denver with a "glitter bomb" had been working for the state Senate Democrat caucus. Needless to say, it was an embarrassing piece of news for Senate President Brandon Shaffer and his cohorts.

But when the Drudge Report linked to the story, it was no longer just a piece of bad local press, but an embarrassing national news story.

The Drudge Report drives more traffic to news websites than Twitter and Facebook combined. Times two. 

We've spent the last couple of weeks trying to track down exactly how Drudge stumbled upon this little right wing digital rag. 

And we figured it out.

No, we won't tell you. 

Why, you ask?

Because Matt Drudge has retained his mysterious and practically magical power over the national news media in part because he's so elusive.

He doesn't do TV. He doesn't respond to comment for news stories. Unlike most in the business, he's not a serial self-promoter. 

His understanding of what drives politicos and the press is the ultimate source of his influence. From perusing hundreds of headlines and news stories he can pick out exactly what matters most. Talk radio and TV producers continue to look to Drudge to tell them what to cover. 

While we don't claim to know the first iota about what makes Matt Drudge and his two staffers tick, we will say we remain humbled to have received a link. And we hope he stops by more often. 

Because when he does, a few hundred thousand eyeballs come with him.