The "Inconvenient" Sunny Roseman is taking a brand new approach to politics, going where no former meteorologist has ever gone before. Rob "Sunny" Roseman has enjoyed a long career as a meteorologist and television reporter in both radio and TV, in several markets throughout the country.  He most recently worked as a weatherman at KWGN Channel 2 in Denver.  Rob's career as a weatherman ended in 2008 shortly after he commented on news piece about "global warming" and the plight of polar bears who were being stranded on tiny ice floes in the middle of the Arctic sea.

Having an understanding of authentic climate science, he balked at the pseudo science that was being so loudly extolled at the time by Al Gore. After the polar bear story Rob stepped onto the set at KWGN and set about debunking "global warming" and ultimately challenging Al Gore to a debate, or a duel with pistols ala Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.  Gore, to this date, has yet to accept the challenge.

Rob quickly picked up the pieces and started his own radio show, "The Inconvenient Sunny Roseman," in the Fall of 2009.  The show has grown steadily as well as the brand name of "The Inconvenient Sunny Roseman."  He has a website,, and is quickly expanding his influence into areas of social media.

Rob's conservatism is unique in media, yet he was able to maintain a media career for decades despite his outsider political opinions.  He has a keen interest in politics and has taken his skills as a TV and radio personality into an area that blends entertainment, information, and politics in what he calls an "Inconvenient Townhall."  These Townhall meetings feature Colorado personalities such as Tom Tancredo, Governor John Hickenlooper, and most recently, Scott McInnis in Grand Junction.  A typical "Inconvenient" Townhall will consist of a comedic monologue by Sunny, commentary on the political events of the day, and a speech by his guest.  These meetings usually last for an hour and a half and end with a question and answer session.

Real politics and hard questions are not off limits at Sunny Roseman's "Inconvenient" Townhalls.  Scott McInnis, in the recent Townhall in Grand Junction, was pressed about the implications of running moderate candidates in 2012, when drastic changes will be necessary to turn the state and country around.  The overall tone of the Townhalls, however, are fun, friendly, and engaging.  

One has to give credit to Colorado's favorite climate skeptic, Rob "Sunny" Roseman.  He not only sacrificed his career on the altar of truth about "global warming," but he turned the negative of a lost TV job into the positive of a new career in radio, and upbeat, unifying political activism.