How can you tell it's an election year? Easy, Democrats vote against bills before they vote for them. This is particularly true of Democrats in newly competitive seats.

Knowing that jobs and the economy is the number one issue right now among voters, Democrats are trying to clean up their talking points on private sector job creation and push their liberal activist, big government agenda into the shadows.

Some Democrats just can't help themselves though.

Take Max Tyler as a premier example. Dem State Rep Max Tyler has consistently voted to increase the costs levied on job creators and has violently fought efforts to improve Colorado's economy. He's also the guy who, literally, referred to struggling school children as “maggots and worms.” No folks, we can't make this stuff up.

After cruising to election in 2012, Tyler now finds himself in a newly competitive district and in a pitched election battle against challenger Rick Enstrom.

Rick has a lot going for him as a businessman and candymaker, so it's no wonder why Tyler is concerned. Tyler is so concerned that he has taken to the tact of voting against pro-employer bills before voting for them.

Maybe Tyler thought that nobody would notice his no vote on HB 1007 in the House Economic and Business Development Committee before he voted for it yesterday.

Or maybe Dem leadership got to him and suggested he vote for a good, pro-jobs bill even if he is personally opposed to it, if only to make him appear to be employer friendly.

Or maybe Max Tyler is just a good, old fashioned flip-flopper in the true John Kerry style.

We're going to go with C. Given Max Tyler's anti-job agenda, he's a flip-flopper.