We spend plenty of time on these pages calling out the wrongs of the other side, but it's also important to call out your friends and allies when they cross the line. In this case, Rush Limbaugh, someone we normally agree with wholeheartedly, made some thoughtless comments when weighing in on Congressional testimony surrounding subsidized contraception.

He took an issue that deserved rigorous analysis and instead turned his comments into a ready-made controversy for the left. 

The controversy is all about a Georgetown law student who testified that insurance companies should be mandated to provide "free" birth control.

What Limbaugh could have done, should have done, was point out that the mandate wouldn't make the contraception free, it would just be another in a long line of mandates. That mandate, in turn, increases the cost of coverage for everyone. 

Instead, Limbaugh made an ill-thought-out joke, calling the woman a "slut" and a "prostitute," because she was saying, in effect, that her sexual activities should be subsidized by others.

All thoughtless remarks like that do is hand the argument to the other side. Either make a better argument than the other side, or keep your mouth shut.

Now the issue isn't being debated as public policy, but is a debate about who has and hasn't denounced the remarks.

Our father would smack the white off our teeth if he heard us referring to a woman that way. And Rush certainly seems to be getting a lashing in public today for the remarks. He should.

We also hope to see the same indignation and outrage from the left when one of their own inevitably makes similar deragatory remarks. We should note that when disgusting and terrible things are said about conservative women like Sarah Palin the left is noticeably quiet. 

We on the right should rise above that, so it does no good in this situation to say "the other side does it too!"

Let's get back to talking about the issues that matter to this country: jobs, the economy and high gas prices. 

We can win those arguments.