The liberal interest group Colorado Ethics Watch (CEW) penned an editorial on Sunday lecturing public officials to avoid any “appearance of impropriety” related to appearing in industry funded advertisements. The left's attack dog focused on Governor John Hickenlooper's appearance in a Colorado Oil and Gas Association-sponsored ad supporting fracking.

Of course, when Governor Bill Ritter appeared in an environmentally friendly television ad, CEW was silent. This begs the question, how much money does CEW collect from fringe environmental groups like Colorado Conservation Voters or Colorado Environmental Coalition, the same groups attacking COGA and the governor?

Since CEW spends most of its time attacking Republicans and shielding its donors, the tax-exempt organization should at least follow the same transparency advice it gives to elected and public officials. I'm pretty sure that COGA doesn't contribute to CEW, but this liberal group needs to be honest with the public if in fact it does accept money from the same groups attacking the governor for appearing in the COGA ad.

Talk about a conflict of interest! I would challenge any reporter (Allison Sherry need not apply) to call CEW Executive Director Luis Toro and ask him if any of his money comes from these left-leaning environmental groups. CEW owes at least this information to the public so readers of the editorial know if the tax-exempt liberal group has a financial interest in the story. Toro has received plenty of ink for similar faux-outrage and he should be held to the same standard he dishes out.