What is it with Colorado Democrats running ridiculous and unneccesary bills in the state Legislature while simultaneously running for Congress? Last session it was Senate President Brandon Shaffer, running for CD4, who pushed a bill aimed at reducing supposed flower shop fraud. Now it's state Rep. Joe Miklosi, running for CD6, cosponsoring a bill to help reduce supposed discrimination against biker gangs.

Reports Kurtis Lee of The Denver Post: (Click the link to see a hilarious photo of Miklosi seemingly hugging himself)

A Colorado lawmaker running for Congress is proposing legislation that adds "unconventional attire" to the list of prohibited forms of discrimination in public establishments, potentially angering law enforcement officials and private business owners.  

State Rep. Joe Miklosi, a Denver Democrat, who is championing HB 1128, says that often motorcycle clubs are unfairly discriminated against for donning apparel such as jackets with patches — also known as colors — that show allegiance.  

Miklosi is running against Mike Coffman, a two-term Republican congressman in Aurora, in the newly configured 6th Congressional District.

Yes, you read that right. Joe Miklosi thinks discrimination against biker gangs is a such a pressing issue that he needs to spend valuable political capital on it.

Or as Compass Colorado said today in a press release, as legislators are only allowed to introduce five bills per session that means that 20% of Miklosi's legislative agenda is focusing on dress code, not job creation.

We thought Miklosi and House Democrats were "laser-focused" on job creation. Guess not.

“Instead of repealing burdensome regulations and unconstitutional tax increases, Joe Miklosi is concerned with the wardrobe malfunctions of biker gangs,” said Tyler Q. Houlton, president of Compass Colorado. “This ridiculous legislation makes it obvious that Colorado’s economic recovery is not a high priority for Joe Miklosi.”

You know what else isn't a high priority for Joe Miklosi? Fundraising. Or winning.

Miklosi reported such terrible fundraising totals at the end of the year that liberal blog Colorado Pols called his campaign "all but over now."

Democrats in the state have been working overtime to find other candidates for the race in CD6, seeing Miklosi as weak, which has resulted in embarrassing process stories about Brandon Shaffer and Senate Majority Leader John Morse (D-Per Diem) looking at the race. 

With a legislative agenda focused on wardrobe malfunctions, not economic malfunction, we can understand Democrats' concern.