The American Action Network (AAN), a conservative outside group who played heavily in the 2010 midterms, is joining the fight in Colorado's CD3, coming to Scott Tipton's defense on Medicare reform. The group is spending $1.2 million across 27 Congressional districts with messages in support of those who voted to reform Medicare. The campaign was first announced on Politico's Morning Score tipsheet.

You can see a copy of a mailer sent in the AAN campaign for another one of the Republicans being given air cover here

Scott Tipton's campaign in the 3rd Congressional district is virtually certain to be one of the closest races this cycle. His opponent, state Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination), is getting support from Nancy Pelosi through the Red-to-Blue program and national Republicans are supporting Tipton through the NRCC's Patriot Protection Program.

AAN is riding in to back up Tipton after a number of left wing attack groups have gone after the incumbent recently, with mostly ineffective web videos.

AAN is no small force either. In the 2010 elections, the group spent over $26 million on campaign ads.  

What's interesting about the Medicare message is a year ago Democrats thought they had a kill shot in the House vote for the Ryan Plan, which would have revamped Medicare so it actually exists when people paying into the system now reach eligibility age. 

With Politifact calling Democrats' assertion that the Ryan Plan would "end Medicare" the "Lie of the Year," that talking point has been weakened substantially.

Add that in with Obamacare, which Pace is on the record supporting, cutting $500 billion from Medicare, and you have a much more muddled message for Democrats to attack their GOP counterparts. 

It's going to be a long and nasty campaign in the 3rd CD. With AAN joining the fray, Tipton is getting a nice little boost just as the campaign is starting to ramp up.