Hallelujah! A Colorado paper has finally hired a real reporter to cover Washington, DC. The Colorado Observer's new reporter, Mark Stricherz, catches Boulder Congressman Jared Polis flip-flopping on military strikes in Iran. Under President Bush, Polis was against military strikes in Iran, but with the election of Barack Obama, Polis suddenly finds himself much more militaristic in his Persian Gulf outlook.

Reports Stricherz:

WASHINGTON, DC – When he was running for an open House seat in 2008, Colorado Democrat Jared Polis suggested he opposed a U.S. military strike against Iran, saying that an attack “would only serve to consolidate support for their President.” Today U.S. Rep. Polis supports President Obama’s statement recently that “all options,” including a U.S.-backed military strike, should be considered to thwart Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.  

Polis denies his position has changed. “I’ve always supported the president’s approach,” he said Thursday, speaking off the House floor. “I have supported targeted, tactical strikes. And I’ve opposed indefinite, nation-building wars.”  

…Polis’ shift toward a more hawkish policy toward Iran was met with dismissal from one Colorado House Republican. “The Democratic Party is going to give this President more cover than they did to President Bush,” U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner said Thursday.

Heretofore Colorado Democrats could expect to let their political positions blow in the proverbial wind. Allison Sherry certainly was never going to write any critical articles about them. Now with Stricherz in Washington, DC Colorado Democrats might want to consider getting all of their ducks in a row. 

Considering Jared Polis could be in for the toughest general election of his career, he might want to consider figuring out a way to explain his flip-flop other than outright (and not believable) denial. 

This tough piece of press comes on the heels of a damning investigation into alleged insider trading by Polis, where he made millions off of investing in stocks based on information he was privy to in Congress. 

As Karen Crummy's article today on Colorado Democrats’ Super PAC spending shows, the liberals in Colorado still vastly outspend conservatives, but with solid reporters like Stricherz covering DC, they won't be able to expect a completely free pass in the media anymore.