Governor Hickenlooper thinks his ability to avoid clear positions on public policy issues is hilarious. He got a room full of news editors to laugh along when describing his ability to avoid being pinned down by the press.

As Joe Hanel of the Durango Herald tweeted at the time:

In roomful of newspaper editors, @hickforco openly celebrates his ability to dodge questions. Crowd loves it. #copolitics

Now he's soft pedaling support for a controversial bill to give tuition discounts to illegal immigrants.

Late Saturday night, perhaps hoping no one was on Twitter at the time, Hickenlooper tweeted his quasi-support for SB15, the illegal immigrant tuition discount bill:

Apparently, Peter Marcus from the Colorado Statesman is just as confused by this soft pedaled support as we are, saying on Twitter it's unclear what Hick means by this tweet.

Hick unclear? Never!

Since illegal immigrant students can already go to colleges in Colorado, SB15 would only provide a discounted tuition rate (not offered to legal citizens from other states), not a "path forward."

This has become typical of Hick's view towards issue positions. Either he outright hides from taking positions like he did on Prop 103, or says nice things about the issue or candidate he likes, such as on the DPS school board race, without having the guts to offer an actual endorsement. 

With Hick testifying today in the Legislature on early childhood literacy, it's clear Hick is testing the legislative waters, but doesn't want to get wet just yet.

That would be acceptable if he was just starting a campaign for Governor, but he's not. He's the Governor. Isn't it time the press hold his feet to the fire and demand clarity?