Denver Westword's Kelsey Whipple reported today on Occupy Denver protesters harassing Fox31's Eli Stokols while he was trying to do a live shot. A group of protesters led by Caryn Sodaro tried to hold up signs behind Stokols saying "F*** the Police." Stokols was clearly not pleased with the protesters’ attempt to hijack a live television broadcast and gave them a piece of his mind.

Check out more about the incident in Westword here. They have a great video of the whole incident. 

A reader emailed us about the report to note something mentioned in the comment section. Turns out protester Caryn Sodaro seems to be mentally unwell and has a history of doing things like calling 911 with fake suicide threats.

From Private Officer News:

A woman arrested Friday for making 48 phony 911 calls to county police dispatchers was a volunteer firefighter in southeast Weld County, according to court records released Monday.  

Caryn Sodaro, 44, lives in Lochbuie, but she was a volunteer firefighter in Hudson. She told investigators that after she made the phony suicide and ambulance calls, she listened to the law enforcement responses on one of the department’s police radios.  

Most of the phony calls in the past few months were threats of suicide, and Sodaro told investigators that she is “depressed and thinks of suicide,” according to court affidavits.  

Following her arrest, Sodaro was booked into the Weld County Jail on charges of attempting to influence a public official, false reporting to authorities and resisting arrest.

…After many of the calls, the caller’s phone number suddenly changed. Sheriff’s deputies and Fort Lupton and Lochbuie police found that the new telephone had been purchased at a store in Brighton. From that store, they traced the cell phone to Sodaro.  

On Friday, Lochbuie Officer Brock Williamson and Weld Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Armstrong executed a search warrant at Sodaro’s home. When they tried to arrest her, the court records show that she fought with the officers and they “brought her to the ground” and handcuffed her.

The Greeley Tribune reported that Sodaro was put on probation for 3 years for the calls and ordered to pay $11,000. 

Keen-eyed observers will note this is the same Occupier who tried to crash the BlogCon conservative blogger conference in Denver last November. 

Stokols understands that he can't communicate with crazy telling Westword, "I don't think anything makes much of an impression on those protesters, those who are in the news all the time for getting arrested and who are there all the time overnight now."

To take a tune out of the Occupy movement's song book, this is what Occupy Denver looks like.