By Peak News Contributor coloradoindependent1948

We received the following article in our email and agreed to post it for the anonymous author.

It's a pretty damning analysis. We've said repeatedly that Sherry is not just biased, but an outright liberal partisan hack. These numbers confirm that.

Allison: We'll gladly publish your rebuttal in full. You can email it to us at tips (at)


Many readers of Peak Politics will likely recall at least a story or two questioning Denver Post reporter Allison Sherry’s journalistic integrity.

In case this is your first time hearing of this topic, the stories included, but are not limited to:

  • Allison taking Scott Tipton to the tool shed while giving two Democrats a pass for essentially the same mistake (here)
  • Allison criticizing Doug Lamborn and Cory Gardner for trying to do something about high gas prices and stating they “are wrong” while using the Obama Administration’s talking points as justification (here)
  • Colorado Peak Politics questioning whether Allison is merely a PR flack for Senator Bennet due to her positive coverage of his “outrage” with Washington (here)

These stories got me thinking and I began to wonder if these stories were just conservative blogs throwing mud or if there was something to them. As a result, I decided to do my own independent analysis of Allison Sherry’s coverage.

Here's what I found:

The four comprehensive summaries I did resemble the below, however some are over 40 pages:

Obama tells 20,000 Coloradans to keep working for Bennet (link) (Positive Bennet)

Singin' a song for Ken Buck (link) (Positive Buck)

Buck: Supreme Court inserted privacy rights unnecessarily in Roe v Wade (link) (Negative Buck)

Buck blames Obama, Bennet for Denver company's demise (link) (Neutral)

Video circulates with Buck comments on church-state separation, White House Christmas tree (link) (Negative Buck)

Stephen Colbert jabs Ken Buck's gay comments (link) (Negative Buck)

Buck adds "jobs" section to website (link) (Negative Buck)

Buck's comments calling global warming "a hoax" sparks Bennet backlash (link) (Negative Buck)