Earlier this month we reported that Congressman Ed Perlmutter was pimping a Danish wind company, Vestas Wind Systems, with taxpayer dollars in a piece of franked mail. Now that foreign based company is saying it is likely to cut 1,600 Colorado jobs if it doesn't get more taxpayer funds in the form of tax credits.

You can see the mailer, funded by you, Colorado taxpayer, that Perlmutter sent by clicking on the picture to the right. 

Attaching yourself at the hip to a foreign company about to lay off Coloradans by the boatload probably isn't smart politics.

Reports Patrick Malone of the Pueblo Chieftain:

DENVER — Unless Congress extends a tax credit for wind-power production, Vestas could eliminate most of the 1,800 jobs it created in Colorado, a representative of the company told state lawmakers on Wednesday.

“Our CEO did announce that 1,600 jobs in Colorado could be at risk if the (tax credit) doesn’t pass,” Susan Innis of Vestas told the Joint Agriculture Committee during a briefing on wind energy. “So we’ll make an evaluation on that later this year.”

…Consequently, wind-power producers are looking outside the U.S. to countries with less volatile tax landscapes to develop projects.

We seem to remember Perlmutter running rather effective ads hitting Ryan Frazier last cycle for "shipping jobs overseas."

Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now, eh, Eddie?

If the wind subsidies ultimately fail, and it's looking like they will, Perlmutter can be effectively tied to a foreign company who cut Colorado jobs and shipped them overseas.

Perlmutter even made the ad makers jobs easy. By putting his face on a franked mailer with Vestas, Perlmutter makes mocking up a TV ad or piece of direct mail that much simpler.

Will Vestas Wind Systems be Perlmutter's personal Solyndra? Seems to us his opponent's TV ads could Abound with attacks on this very issue.