“U.N.’s Mountain Partnership program looks to establish new North American hub in Aspen”

Are we insane? The U.N., their goals, and the desires of those who support them make perfect sense in a world where God does not exist. “Good” big government, the bigger the better, is the answer to all mankind's problems, in their view. Their plan is plain and simple.

History tells a different story. All the worst abuses of man to his fellow man have been at the hands of government, usually with the support of the people, who were convinced that they were doing something noble. The one exception had been our “Shining City On a Hill”, established to hold government to a higher standard, as men should hold themselves to that same higher standard, but that's no longer true. Our country and goverrnment were founded on the principle that we have God given rights. With a population that at least paid lip service to Christian ideals, liberty flourished for a time.

Our government has strayed from the ideal of liberty. As we've become more corrupt, we've found a greater need of masters to tell us what to do and how to live. God's laws weren't good enough. Too bad! Still, I'd rather try to reform the American people and government to their original standard of “In God We Trust” than to put my trust in an organization, the vast majority of whose members don't believe in the same God as I, and at worst don't believe in any God at all. That does not bode well for a future that includes the liberty of God given rights, protected by national law.

God exists. I cite the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the continuing existence of our constitutional republic as prima-facie evidence of that fact. You non-believers can go to hell. It's a free country. I just don't propose to sit back and let you drag my country with you into a man-made hell of bureaucrats deciding the future of humanity, or even my country.

I have faith in the American people, but I wonder when they'll awaken to their danger. I pray that it won't be too late. God help us.


“… the ultimate result of protecting fools from their own folly must be to fill the planet with fools.” – Herbert Spencer