The Obama campaign may not have a strategy for dealing with higher gas prices, but it certainly seems to have its strategy down pat for dealing with the Perez Hilton set. Earlier this week, the Obama campaign announced celebrities Eva Longoria and Kal Penn as campaign "co-chairs," and now they've unveiled a line of "Obama nail polish."

What's next? A line of lipstick? As Obama himself said in 2008, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The nearly three dozen re-election committee “co-chairs” named by President Barack Obama Wednesday are an interesting indication of the incumbent’s strategic thinking as his campaign shifts into high gear. Taken together, the appointees are a roadmap not just to where the president and his political advisers see his support, but also to where they hope to deepen or extend it.

Two of the 35 nominees — Eva Longoria and Harold and Kumar star Kal Penn (real name Kalpen Modi) are longtime and unwavering Obama supporters.

We're pretty sure most Americans don't give a rat's a$$ as to what the stars of Desperate Housewives and Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle think about the Presidential election.

The fact that Obama's campaign thinks they are such key endorsers that they made them national campaign co-chairs shows you just how out of touch with average Americans they are. 

The Obama as opaque agent of hope and change may have been enough for him to skirt by McCain in 2008, but with continued massive unemployment and gas prices nearing $4.50 in parts of Colorado, the celebrity push just isn't going to work anymore. 

If fact, all it does is make the Obama re-elect look trivial and disconnected from the struggles of everyday folks. You know, the kind that Obama said cling to their guns and religion.

Better to cling to that, we guess, than Obama nail polish.