It must be a disease spreading amongst Democrat politicians like scabies is among the Occupy Denver crowd. After Hick's spell of sexualized slips of the tongue, Veep Biden joined the dirty joke brigade while making an introduction at a White House function earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Biden summoned up some of his infamous foot-in-mouth charm to introduce Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny:

“You know there’s and old Irish saying,” Biden said. “There’s all kinds of old Irish sayings. (Laughter.) At least my Grandfather Finnegan, I think he made them up, but it says, may the hinges of our friendship never go rusty. Well, with these two folks that you’re about to meet, if you haven’t already, there’s no doubt about them staying oiled and lubricated here. Ladies and gentlemen — (laughter) — now, for you who are not full Irish in this room, lubricating has a different meaning for us all.” [Peak emphasis]

Check out the video here:

Biden has always struggled with politicians from Across The Pond. (See Kinnock, Neil)

At least this time his words were his own.