If you were a Congressional candidate with a long and storied criminal record for public urination, you would think that you would avoid mentioning the bathroom in news stories. Not Sal Pace. In a Denver Post story today about trackers following Congressional candidates, Sal Pace complains his tracker follows him down the hall to the bathroom.

According to our sources, that's a complete fabrication. The tracker has never followed Pace to the bathroom.

But considering Pace has been arrested twice for public urination, including only blocks from the state Capitol in 2003, it would seem entirely reasonable to see if Pace relieves himself inappropriately. 

Adding to the seeming urine-fest at the Capitol today was none other than Pace's replacement as House Minority Leader, Mark Ferrandino.

During a bill to require drug testing for recipients of welfare, Ferrandino added an amendment to require drug testing of all statewide elected officials and legislators as well. 

In trying to be cute about his amendment, even though he and all Democrats voted against the legislation, Ferrandino passed out urine sample cups with the face of every member of the Appropriations Committee on them.

Let it be known — we fully support Ferrandino's amendment. We'd love to know what Joe Miklosi was smoking when he tried to add motorcycle gangs to the list of protected classes in Colorado. 

With all of this talk about urine, maybe, just maybe, someone in the mainstream media will finally cover the full extent of Sal Pace's infamous criminal career. 

For inquiring minds, here are the original arrest and court records for Pace's Pee Spree.