VetTheGov loves it when true colors begin appearing from Wannabe political candidates. This weekend proved once again for Fruita Mayor Ken Henry a very colorful Wannabe commissioner in Poser fashion on display for all to see. VetTheGov would really like to see Mayor Henry's success rate in the private sector selling real estate and I bet it's the reason he needs a paying public sector job! Why else would he start the mudslinging against another strong conservative at the Mesa County republican convention??? Maybe it's to keep his throne or feeling of power and authority over the People??? VetTheGov believes it's both of the above!

Let VetTheGov give you a little background on the arrogant Obama like attitude from Mayor Henry who looks down upon the People in order to prop his righteous self upwards. Mayor Henry was an adamant supporter of Bob Hislop during Bob's campaign run for house District 54. Just in case you have a short memory, Hislop was under close scrutiny over his RID statement on an Obama related website. During a debate between Bob and the eventual winner Ray Scott in the Fruita chambers, Mayor Henry verbally attacked the individual that uncovered the Obama relationship of the candidate that Mayor Henry supported and officially endorsed! During the verbal altercation Mayor Henry in front of a large gathering yelled out loud the words to this individual, “AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN?” Mayor Henry yelled this twice and it was later learned Mayor Henry had never met this individual. So it leaves the question of Mayor Henry's God like judgement throne that he knows the conditions of people's spiritual hearts well enough that in his public chamber he alone has the authority to question ones spiritual condition without ever knowing them. VetTheGov has learned there were over 15 witnesses to this judgmental outburst by Mayor Henry, yet his chosen personally endorsed candidate lost by a large margin. Well maybe Mayor Henry can sit up high and question peoples faith but he sure can't pick political winners.

Let's look closer at the remark Mayor “holier than thou” Henry made to the The Sentinel after the convention, “the difference between someone who has made hard decisions and a wannabe.” Do you notice his pattern of behavior is that of an arrogant status quo POSER who will tell you want you want to hear in order to keep his self righteous throne! John Justman was taken back by a desparate Henry willing to do whatever it takes for a 70,000.00 salary and to maintain his power broker position over the People! How does Mayor “holier than thou” Henry know that John Justman hasn't ever made any hard decisions??? VetTheGov wants you to understand that Henry will attack anyone in his way even a strong community leader and strong conservative like John Justman. Do you see the similarities of his outburst towards the individual during the Hislop campaign and his comments towards John Justman??? VetTheGov does and if Henry is elected as Commissioner he will continue to feel invincible on his throne! 

When Mayor Henry believes he is right please don't disagree as you will soon enter his judgement throne and be publicly disciplined for not only your Faith but just the fact that you disagreed with his holiness! VetTheGov knows Mayor Henry if elected as a County Commissioner will continue with this behavior since it continues to show up in plain view and in the press during the republican convention for all to see his glory! For this reason, VetTheGov says NO TO HENRY for he truly is the POSER and WANNABE!