What's the opposite of Sampson's hair or Zeus's beard? Why, Bill Ritter's beard of course! In today's Denver Post, the one term Governor sports some facial follicles more fitting for a different type of man about town — the kind you're more likely to find on the 16th St mall at midnight than noon.

To celebrate Ritter's newfound Homeless Chic look, we've decided to run a look-a-like contest. 

We're asking readers to email us, comment below, Facebook message us, or Tweet back, who they think Ritter looks like. 

Artistic rendering.
Not actual Denver Post photo of Ritter.

Under the rules of the Internet, we can't post their picture without Dean Singleton suing us. To see the original mug shot, click here.

Your suggestion can be in the form of a photo or existing celebrity (i.e. Al Gore, Joe PesciBrad Pitt) or it can be a fictional character (Homeless Ernest Hemingway, Megan's Law Santa Claus, Lighthouse Attendant, Vice President Of Ultimate Frisbee, etc).

We'll publish the best responses on Friday.