Brandon Shaffer is getting desperate. It must be finally sinking in how badly Cory Gardner is going to spank his campaign on November 6. In an attempt to reignite what has been an embarrassing campaign so far, Lynn Bartels reports Shaffer is resorting to throwing out ad hominem, and not even believable, attacks against Gardner. 

Reports Bartels:

Senate President Brandon Shaffer dropped his normal low-key demeanor and unloaded on his Republican opponent at a fundraiser last night, calling U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner an "Etch A Sketch congressman" who will say and do anything based on polls.

Shaffer also said he doesn't think Gardner believes "half the sh**" he says, and noted Gardner once was a Democrat.

Shaffer, a Longmont Democrat, is trying to unseat Gardner, a Yuma Republican, in the 4th Congressional District.

"I'm not going to respond to a temper tantrum," Gardner replied.

Well played, Congressman Gardner. No need to respond to a loser like Shaffer.

Whenever Shaffer has opened his mouth during this campaign it hasn’t turned out well.

Like the time he compared himself to victims of rape and sexual assault.

Or the time he was caught lying about a “truth clause” bill he was pushing. (How’s that for irony?)

Or remember the time he accused us at the Peak of “fabricating” everything we write about him, only to have the Colorado Statesman point out his accusation was merit-less?

When Brandon Shaffer opens his mouth, you can usually expect something stupid to fall out.

Whatever sound and fury pours forth from Shaffer HQ until November 6 will signify all of zero and zilch. He's going to lose and by the looks of Lynn Bartels's article today, he's going to lose looking like a four year old child.