UPDATE: Here is the spot Obama attacks in his campaign ad:


Barack Obama's latest campaign ad is full of excuses. It's not the most ideal way to begin a re-election campaign as an unpopular President. In an ad now playing on Colorado televisions, Obama's campaign tries to blame high gas prices on…Mitt Romney. 

We're sure all of the Coloradans paying over $4 a gallon in parts of the state are glad Obama has found someone else to blame.

See the ad here:

We know David Axelrod, Obama's message guru, is dying to go negative against Romney, but an ad blaming an opponent who hasn't even been selected yet seems desperate, at best. 

As Bill Clinton's political guru once said, "if you 'splaining, you losin'." 

What's worse is we don't think the Obama campaign is the least bit prepared to fight a battle over energy prices. 

After all, it is President Obama's Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, who said he wants gas prices to be at European levels, which are currently over $8/gallon.

The President himself said his energy policy would cause "electricity rates [to] necessarily skyrocket."

A campaign of excuses isn't very effective.

Just ask the voters.

The Washington Post and ABC News did ask them recently, and 2/3 of Americans blame Obama for high gas prices. That's actually in a poll.

You don't have to trust a political blog or the President on that stat. 

The numbers don't lie, and no Presidential campaign ad is going to do much to change that.