With the possibility that Mitt Romney could sweep the GOP primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and DC today, it is looking increasingly likely that today could mark the unofficial end to the race.

With a three race win, Romney will put the nomination fully out of Rick Santorum's reach, as Santorum would have to win 75% of all remaining delegates, a virtually impossible task. 

As you may have noticed, we haven't been covering the GOP primary with the same fervor we did a few months ago. Activists rarely even talk about the race anymore. We've all tired of it. 

In fact, nothing seems to have changed since Colorado. Santorum's victory at the precinct caucuses here seems, in retrospect, to have been more of a speed bump on Romney's ride to the nomination, than an actual game changing moment. 

In addition to the recent endorsements of Romney by conservative heartthrobs Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio, the delegate math after today just doesn't add up for anyone other than Romney. 

Heck, even the timid Republican National Committee, whose been careful to not alienate any part of the party's base during the primary, is calling an unofficial end to the primary. Starting soon, the RNC will begin raising general election cash with the Romney campaign.

The other campaigns have been offered the chance to co-fundraise with the RNC, but only the Romney camp has taken the offer. 

That's because everyone, including the other candidates, knows this race is over. It may go on for a few more weeks or months, but after today there just doesn't seem to be any path for anyone but Romney to the nomination. 

If Romney does take all three contests tonight it would be a fitting unofficial end. The last time a candidate swept three races in a night it was Rick Santorum elongating the race with wins in MO, CO and MN. 

Tonight, Romney could cut this race short with wins in MD, WI and DC.

(Photo Credit: The Colorado Observer)