Here at the Peak we were all saddened last year when Denver Post columnist and author David Harsanyi left Denver for New York to join Glenn Beck's site The Blaze. Although some of his syndicated columns still appear at the Post, Colorado lost a critical free-market advocate in our local mainstream media with Harsanyi's departure. He could always be counted on to write principled pieces in an accessible way, and was a staunch supporter of rationality on the Denver Post editorial board.

Word on the street is that Harsanyi just moved once again, this time from New York to Washington D.C. to join the crew at Human Events. The organization will be relaunching its website and newspaper, and with the change Harsanyi will start as a senior reporter and a columnist. Since he started his time in Denver as a beat reporter, splitting time between commentary and reporting will give Harsanyi the opportunity to get back to his roots.  

Congrats to Harsanyi on his new gig. Stop by his new stomping grounds sometime.


Check out the send off video made for Harsanyi by Kelly Maher after the jump: