PEAK UPDATE: Open Government Institute Executive Director Jessica Peck has sent a letter to Senator Bacon calling on him to apologize for calling "a fair number" of Coloradans racist. 

"Your inflammatory remarks are a challenge to the respectful discussion that organizations like ours, joining others across the ideological spectrum, are hoping to foster around this important issue,” pens Peck.

Full letter embedded after the jump.


The Senate Democrats heard compelling testimony yesterday in defense of requiring photo ID to vote. After hours of testimony, committee members had their chance to explain or defend their upcoming vote on the proposed ballot measure.

Speaking from his Ivory Tower in Fort Collins, Senator Bob Bacon chastised the audience for the "great deal of hyperbole, perhaps on both sides." He also explained that voters should never be asked about constitutional rights because of his fear of the masses.

Instead of leaving it there, Bacon went on to offend the majority of Coloradans saying, "If voters were asked whether they might be able to exclude Muslims from the voting rolls because of a perception that they may be terrorists, I think you would find a fair number of voters who would vote yes." In one fell swoop, Bacon shows his ignorance and believes Coloradans simply don't want Muslims voting.

This shocking statement fell on deaf ears among the reporters. Though some tweeted the statement, the impact of what he said seemed to be lost.

Now we know what Bob Bacon thinks of Coloradans.