Liberals in America don't just disagree with their opponents, they want their opponents silenced. You know…democracy.

Reports The Washington Examiner:

Democratic officials Wednesday launched a two-pronged attack on states with new laws requiring identification before voting, the highlight being a call to boycott Coke, Walmart and others that back a leading organization pushing for voter ID laws.  

Coke was quick to react to the political boycott threat, pulling support from the targeted group just five hours after it was called. Walmart said that support for a group does not mean it backs every decision by those groups.  

At issue: Liberal claims that some states are trying to keep minority voters from the polls via voter ID laws, a suggestion conservatives call silly.

That leading organization? The American Legislative Exchange Council. A group that convenes conferences of state legislators to discuss policy. 

Coca-Cola are cowards for crumbling and pulling their support of ALEC. Or as the kids might say on Twitter, they are #cokecowards.

Not only do Democrats want to block groups like ALEC from discussing voter ID laws, they don't even want voters to have a say on the issue. 

Yesterday in Colorado, legislative Democrats blocked a bill that would have created a ballot initiative to ask Coloradans whether they think voters should have to show ID to vote — like they do when they buy alcohol, drive a car, enter government buildings, buy cigarettes, board a flight, or register for a library card.

They blocked the bill because they know polls show strong support for voter ID legislation.

Democrats feel okay accusing Republican politicians of being racists when discussing voter ID laws, but if it were up to the people, Democrats know their accusations of racism would not sit well with the majority of voters who support voter ID laws.

Well, actually, Senator Bob Bacon (D-Ft Collins) did call Coloradans racists yesterday, but it's safe to assume he would be told to keep his mouth shut if the issue ever made the ballot.