Why is the Miklosi campaign bothering anymore? With today's news that incumbent Congressman Mike Coffman put up another gargantuan fundraising haul of $532,000 in the first quarter, Miklosi might as well wake up to reality and spend more time working for his current state House constituents and less on his quixotic campaign for Congress.

Kurtis Lee has the scoop:

Republican Rep. Mike Coffman swelled what is already a sizable campaign war chest by raising more than $532,000 in the first quarter of this year, tightening his fundraising grip over Democratic challenger Joe Miklosi in the 6th Congressional District.  

The lofty fundraising quarter brings Coffman’s cash-on-hand to about $1.37 million with sevens months until Election Day.

Lee, who has proven thus far to be a fair and balanced reporter, can't even find a way to write the article without making it look really, truly terrible for Miklosi.  

Miklosi's campaign declined to tell Lee how much they raised. No wonder, we're sure it's a miniscule amount by comparison. 

We're betting the defection of big time Democrat donor Steve Farber to Coffman stings just a little bit more today. 

After all, a portion of Coffman's haul was brought in by donors loyal to other Democrats, just not Miklosi.