A Voice Through Choice

A Commentary

 Today neither the Republicans nor the Democrats represent Conservative voters. It is the prime directive of our TEA Party to establish a political conservative voice. We have faith that the American people will make the right choice, but first they have to have a choice. That’s where the political parties come in. Their prime directive is to limit your choice to their candidate.  That’s how they create the “we have to beat the Democrat/Republican” lesser of two evils imperative.  That’s how they maintain their power and suppress the conservative voice.

 When we say ‘we’re taking our country back’ what we mean is we are taking the necessary steps to empower the individual vote.  And that means preserving choice.  It is not our job to presume to tell you which party you should vote for.

That’s what the political parties and their surrogate groups do and then they set about the business of destroying all other choices but theirs.  The result is elected officials who owe their first allegiance, not to the will of the people, but rather to the will of the party. When you cast a partisan vote, you enable the will of the party, diminish the will of the people and discount the value of your own vote.  

 And we don’t need to tell you how that’s working out for you as conservative voters.  Our Conservative voice and our country are being destroyed by the paralysis of partisan politics.  Both political parties pander to the politics of the lazy, the special interest and the uninformed.  In plain language, they buy votes by bribing certain segments of the population with taxes they impose on all Americans.

 There is no incentive for either party to reduce the size of government or curtail spending.  It is not how many of the taxpayer’s hard earned dollars they spend that concerns them.  It’s who they spend it on that is their prime directive and their selected voter base.  The Democrats do not go after the conservative vote simply because they know they probably couldn’t get it while the Republicans have no need to court conservatives because by default they inherit the conservative vote through their constructed lesser of two evils imperative.

 And that circumstance was the genesis of our TEA Party and our prime directive.  We want out of the bag.  We want our conservative voices to be heard, and to that end we apply the political tools available to us (endorsement, support and truth) so that you might have a choice.  And that is why we are the “enemy” of both political parties.  

 The Democrats believe that we are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party while the Republicans presume it.  And the more that we prove we are not, the more intimidation, partisan resources and special interest money that is brought to bear against us.  

 Make no mistake, we are struggling to survive and we do so only through the dedicated efforts of our membership, volunteer elected board and the generosity of those conservatives who realize they do not have a voice or a legitimate conservative choice and our predicament will not change unless and until we have the courage to reverse the direction that both political parties are taking our government in pursuit of the moderate “independent” vote.  

 In order to be successful in taking our country back, we must have the fortitude to reject the lesser of two evils imperative and we must become the Conservative independent vote.  If we fail to make this transition, the worst of all will inevitably happen; nothing. Politics as usual will prevail but our nation will not.  Through the inevitability of gradualism we will become a socialist satellite and the conservative American values, principles and liberties will disappear beyond the point of no return.

 Before you vote, think carefully about what will result from your vote. Whenever and wherever possible, don’t vote for the incumbent, don’t vote for either party’s anointed candidates and don’t vote for the career politicians.  The choice is rightfully yours.

In the meantime, we will give nothing but our very best to preserve that choice for you. That is who and what we are; and will remain; win, lose or draw.  But that too is entirely up to you.  It is your choice, your voice and your nation. You are not alone.  We are strong.  We are many and our Conservative voice will be heard.  E-Publius Unum; Out of many; One (translation).