Two days ago at a hearing on a law that would require voters to display their photo ID before voting, Senator Bob Bacon (D-Ft Collins) said that such a law shouldn't go to the voters because "a fair number of voters" are racists. So far no mainstream media have reported on this allegation.

But they have given plenty of coverage to every time a Democrat says the Republicans have a "war on women" or are "racists." 

Calling someone a racist is a damning indictment of them and one you better be prepared to defend if you make that accusation. 

Will Bob Bacon defend his accusation? How many Coloradans are racists, Senator Bacon? What proof do you have for slandering the people of this state?

Right now, Senator Bacon is probably thanking the high heavens that the media is refusing to pick up his insult — if enough people don't hear about it, there won't be pressure to explain or apologize. 

After the amount of coverage the Denver press corps has given to Democrats' accusations this session you would think they would want to cover this one too.

Guess we'll have to wait and find out.